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04 Mar 2017
Facebook hacker
Facebook password hacker

Why hack?
You might have asked yourself at point or another, why would someone want to be a Facebook password hacker? There are many answers to this question – some of these are…. They have already been a victim of hacking, they want to learn how to hack accounts, they just want to pry into other personal information. Hacking can be effortless or very problematic depending on who your objective is. You can have access to your victims account within minutes or it could take a few days.

How to hack
To hack into an account, you usually need to know the victim’s password. Hackers can be good at guessing their victim’s password, especially if they are close friends with the victim at hand. If a hacker is talented enough to get into their email account, there is a whole other world where the victim can suffer much more damage. A hacker can obtain more information from the victim such as bank accounts, more emails, just about anything. Some of the most common passwords are password, 123456, or abc1234.

Other password alternatives could be an answer to a personal question such as color, food, status, pets, or place of birth. Ultimately, hacking is daring, illegal in most states, and some of these websites can track you down.

facebook password hacker


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